Edith Reyboubet Swing Group

Lovers of Jazz Classique, embark with Edith Reyboubet Swing Group to very Swing and rhythmic countries, dotted with Blues, Groove & Latin Jazz. 

Edith Reyboubet reinterprets the great standards of American Jazz of the 1930s with repertoires of Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, ... until Ray Charles, through some Bossas Novas and without forgetting French artists like Trenet, Gainsbourg, Nougaro , Salvador ... and his original compositions. 

From duet to septet on request, with Edith Reyboubet (vocals, scat), Denis Burell / Sylvain Dauriac (piano), James Treasure / Hubert Couson (double bass), Didier Hauck / Quentin Damamme (drums), Olivier Desplebin / Bob Tinker (trumpet) , bugle) & Julien Molko / Bruno Pilloix (saxophones).

Swing Ball

1 / First Initiation to Lindy Hop (duration 1h): 

Professional dancers will introduce you to Swing dance, the "Lindy Hop". You will know the basics of this energetic retro dance and social par excellence, and above all, you will have fun! 

2 / Then a Swing Ball : 

You will dance the Lindy Hop to the sound of the "Edith Reyboubet Swing Group" in full force. The orchestra will perform great Swing jazz standards of the Roaring Twenties. The professional dancers will dance with you, and will also perform during the ball demonstrations of Lindy Hop choreographies.

Lindy Hop

Lindy Hop is a dance born in the Black-American community in Harlem in the late 1920s, where the best dancers rivaled the great jazz / swing bands of Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman. At liberation, this exuberant dance spreads throughout Europe, and especially in Parisian vaults. It is the ancestor of rock. This social dance par excellence is mainly dance in two but also separate.

Edith Reyboubet Gipsy Swing

On the roads of Django Reinhardt 

The Edith Reyboubet Swing Group becomes Manouche at your request. A concert full of energy of course, yet so different with a voice! 

A unique moment to listen in another way the compositions of the famous Django Reinhardt but also the great jazz standards he played, pieces all faithfully arranged in the purest Swing Gypsy style. 

With singer Edith Reyboubet and guitarists Marc Lefèvre & Olivier Fodor. This training is regularly expanded by a bassist and a clarinettist.

Edith Reyboubet presents "Birkin Gainsbarre Project"

As a composer, Edith Reyboubet is a great admirer of the creative genius of Serge Gainsbourg with this great diversity of musical styles. 

Without leaving her Jazz and Latin universes, she wanted for a long time to revisit the sublime compositions of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. 

She was able to do it with the pianist Sylvain Dauriac and the bassist James Treasure, two wonderful musicians who share with her this admiration. 

The trio reinterprets the big hits of the famous couple in an emulsion of positive energies drawing from the colors Blues, Boogie Woogie, Jazz, Groove, Funk, Biguine, Bossa. 

A concert full of vitality where inspirations and improvisations will serve the beautiful melodies of the mythical couple.

Swing Mania, a Edith Reyboubet composition:
Watermelon Man :
Quizas Quizas Quizas :
All of me :
What a difference made :
Caravan :
I've found a new baby :
Miss Celie's Blues :
All Blues :
Blue Monk :

Compositions of Edith Reyboubet Medey 1 - CD Swing Mania :

Compositions of Edith Reyboubet Medey 2 - CD Swing Mania :

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